African Hunting

My African Hunt

My African Hunt – Brother Thomas and his Warthog

Thomas was stalking his Warthog on the other side of the ridge we were hunting. When the Kudu bulls took off, we hiked over to help.

The trackers had the animal spotted but couldn’t see where he went, exactly. Finally, Thomas and our Professional Hunter Nick decided to kick the bushes and see if the pig would move. Yet, with all eyes on the spot, they had to nearly step on him in the middle of his favorite afternoon napping place.

We all watched as Thomas swung his 257 Weatherby dropping the running hog between us with one clean shot. Perfect follow through.

Jack was pleased claiming the pig as he always does.

Buy the way, I know a few of you are card-carrying members of Sierra Club, but here’s some real-world information on hunting for the bleeding-heart relatives we all suffer with. 

Warthog trophy
Fallow deer trophy

My African hunt – Waterbuck hunt

The night before, Nick asked if I would like another crack at that big Waterbuck, adding that it is getting kind of personal. I agreed, and the next morning off we went betting he would still be with his cows.

After glassing a bit from afar hillside, we saw them just where we left them a couple of days earlier.

The stalk would be a long one, down into the valley below and up the other side. Nick, one of our trackers, and Mr. Russell left the others to keep an eye out and give a call on the radio if anything came up.

We were following a sheep fence on the way up the other side when sow and piglet ran up along the other side. I was sure they would alert our bull, but just as they got up the hill, a hundred yards or so ahead of us, down came a Waterbuck with the bigger of the two right on his heels.

“I don’t know whose eyes were bigger?”

As Nick said, “I don’t know whose eyes were bigger?” as the first buck saw us and veered off to the left, leaving the bigger of the two crashing down within 20 yards of us and then following the first one.

I raised my gun, both Professional Hunter and tracker ducked as the 280 swung over the fence. I could see what I thought was the buck’s front shoulder, but with my 4-12x set at 8x, I could only see a scope full of hair. In another second, both Waterbuck disappeared along with my second chance for a beautiful trophy.

All the same, it was an exciting hunt, and on the way back, Thomas spotted a native of Indonesia standing under a tall acacia. We were able to flank that old Fallow Deer, and Thomas took a cameo shot through the bush, facilitated by a monster Leopold scope mounted on the 257…DRT.