African Hunting

First Hunting Safari

My first African Hunting Safari, the stories of vast lands and the variety of many animals. In 2019, my friends invited me on a trip to South Africa.

A kudu trophy taken on my first African hunting safari.

A trip I am glad to have been a part of. Nick Bowker runs a quality operation. Laid back, easy-going, friendly accommodation, and great food.

A blesbok trophy taken on my first African hunting safari.

From Day 1, it was Hakuna Matata. Morning coffee, to scanning the ever-changing landscape for trophies.

After a grand brunch, a good nap, and great company, back to surveying the countryside for more trophies on my first hunting safari.

A blesbok trophy taken on my first African hunting safari.

My firsts African Hunting Safari

A Bless Buck at 550 yards to a Warthog at 40 yards. Sneaking on a trophy Nyala only to be busted at 50 yards, to get a bigger one later. Stalking a springbuck to be spooked by pigs that came out of nowhere.

Wide-open spaces, areas with thousands of termite mounds, rolling hills, brushy valleys, and rocky cliffs, and every bush has stickers.

Nick and his PHs are knowledgeable about every animal and country; they work hard to find a good trophy and are also great teachers.

I learned a lot about the rich history of South Africa, and the different qualities of each animal.

To top it off with stories and tall tales of the daily adventures, wine and dine and start all over the next day.

For having a routine, each day brought new adventures on my first hunting safari.

A Nyala trophy taken on my first African hunting safari.

The trackers worked extremely hard to raise the success level and make my first hunting safari more enjoyable.

I cannot thank Nick, his PHs, and the staff enough for the incredible experience and memories of my first African Hunting Safari.

I ended up with one more trophy than stated, for a total of eight incredible animals. A lot of self-preservation, for I would have broken the bank with the variety of available animals. I figure it all for another trip.


By Nick Bowker

Owner Nick Bowker Hunting. Passionate Hunter, Outdoorsman, and Conservationist, as well as Rancher. Registered Outfitter and Professional Hunter (guide) for more than 25 years.