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White Springbok Hunting – About White Springbok Hunts


White Springbok hunting occurs on the open plains, and stalks can be tricky.

Sometimes, a long shot will be required. Springbok is the best-eating of all African antelope species.

White Springbok hunting has no seasonal restrictions in Eastern Cape, South Africa. Nick Bowker Hunting offers Springbok safari game hunts year-round.

The Springbok is a medium-sized antelope, a graceful and handsomely patterned species with a long fold of skin on its back.

The springbok is the national emblem of South Africa.

Hunt the trophy white springbok as part of the four-color phase springbok slam.

Join Nick for an African hunt.

White springbok with common springbok on the grasslands
Springbok white with common springbok

Included in the White Springbuck trophy hunt package is a licensed hunting guide. As well as a hunting license and all permits for springbok hunts. Bow hunting springbok can be difficult.

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Springbok Hunting

Hunting White Springbok

White springbok African safari hunting.
Hunting Springbok

Springbok Hunting

The White Springbok forms part of the four Springbok color variations.   This color variation usually has the smallest horns and body of the four variations and is often off-white, particularly on the sides.

The white Springbok game is not a subspecies but a color phase of the common Springbok.

Nick Bowker Hunting
Springbok Hunts with Nick Bowker
Hunting White springbok safari style with Nick Bowker.
Hunting Springbok

White Springbok Hunt

White Springbok hunting has the same traits as the common Springbok, and hunting is no different from hunting a common springbok.

This color variation was developed by selective breeding and is albino looking; the skin color is all white except for the dark facial stripes and eyelashes.

Africa white springbok hunting with Nick Bowker.
Trophy Hunting Springbok

Hunting White Springbuck

We offer competitive game hunt packages for rifle hunting in South Africa. White springbok shooting takes place on our ranch in South Africa. Game hunting takes the form of walk and stalk methods.

Springbok are plentiful and free-ranging, and hunting prices are cheap for the hunter. Hunters may also consider shooting the springbok slam.

Consider shooting a white springbok as an add-on to one of our hunting packages on your Africa hunt. A rifle is included free of charge, along with ammunition, as part of our hunting day fees for white springbok hunting.

Hunters can visit our contact pages for detailed booking and game hunting information.

White Springbok Trophy Fee Hunts in South Africa

How much does it cost to hunt a White Springbok?

White springbok hunting in Africa.

The trophy fee for a standalone White Springbok hunt is between $700 and $900. Daily rates vary between $250 and $500 per day

How to hunt Springbok?

White springbok hunting in Africa.

Springbok is hunted on the open plains. The Springbok is wary and difficult to approach. Longer shots will, therefore, be required.

Springbok Hunted with Nick Bowker

Africa white springbok hunting with Nick Bowker.