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Outfitter and Guide License

A South African Outfitter and Guide License is a required qualification. The holding of a permit is a requirement for outfitters and guides. Guides obtain a Professional Hunter qualification, or PH for short. See my certificates at the bottom of the page.

  1. South African Guide Responsibilities
  2. South African Outfitter Responsibilities
  3. Nick Bowker Outfitting Licence
  4. Nick Bowker Guide Licence
  5. Benjamin Pringle Guide Licence

South African Licensed Outfitter and Guide License

The South African guide is the person who physically guides a client in the hunting area. The guide performs the following functions:

  • The guide sees the welfare of his client while in the hunting camp.
  • He oversees the hunting camp and its personnel.
  • The guide ensures that his client has the necessary permits before he allows him to hunt.
  • He sees that his client’s trophies are skinned and prepared according to the correct methods.
  • The guide is responsible for his client’s safety while in the camp and the hunting area.

The South African guide sees that his client does not hunt, contrary to South African law.

The South African guide does not receive any remuneration from the client for services, but rather the outfitter pays the guide.

He does not recruit clients or offer his services to a client directly but instead works for a hunting outfitter who recruits and presents services to the client.

Often a South African licensed outfitter and guide are the same people.

The client remunerates the hunting outfitter for services and trophies.

South African Outfitter Responsibilities

The licensed South African Outfitter recruits the client. The outfitter has the following responsibilities:

  • Arrange and organize the client’s hunt from start to finish.
  • The outfitter enters into a written agreement with the client. The agreement specifies the nature of the hunting and accommodation.
  • He is directly remunerated by the client for his services.
  • Supplies the camp personnel and pays them.
  • He supplies the camp with provisions and stores.
  • Sees to it that the client is guided by qualified licensed professional hunters.
  • Obtains the necessary permits enabling his client to hunt legally.
  • He is responsible for obtaining the necessary permits to convey and export his client’s trophies and to see that they are delivered in good shape and order.


Professional Hunters Association of South Africa

The professional hunter oversees the hunting camp. Including seeing the trophies’ skinning and handling. As well as providing transport on a hunting trips. However, this does not exempt the South African Outfitter from his responsibility to his client.

In many cases, the professional hunter and the Hunting Outfitter are the same people and are responsible for the combined duties and functions.

Therefore they must also have both permits to operate as a professional hunter and as a hunting outfitter.

Set out below are our south African outfitter and guide licenses.

Nick Bowker Outfitting License

nick bowker outfitter license
Hunting Outfitter Permit – Nick Bowker

Nick Bowker Hunting Guide License

nick bowker guide license
Nick Bowker Dangerous Game and Plains Game hunting guide permit

Benjamin Pringle Hunting Guide License

Benjamin Pringle hunting guide permit.
Benjamin Pringle Hunting Guide Permit.