Film your African Hunting Safari and share with friends

Film your African Hunting Safari and share your African hunting and wildlife video with friends and family for generations to come!

Nick Bowker Hunting uses Igala Productions to film your African hunting adventure. Igala charges $350 per day, All-Inclusive.

Please get in touch with Nick Bowker directly to film your hunt.

Film Your South African Hunting Safari | Nick Bowker Hunting
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Your african hunting adventure on film.

What to Expect when you Film your African Hunting Safari?

Your iGala Productions cameraman will meet you at your final arrival airport and travel with you either on a charter plane or by vehicle to camp.

Experienced camerapersons capture the action without influencing any part of the hunt. Equally important, they know when to move, stalk, and quickly read African animal behavior, primarily when you pursue dangerous game.

Dangerous game hunting captured on video.

Importantly our cameramen also capture the entire “Spirit” of your safari.

Moreover, this includes wildlife, scenery, camp, and all the emotions which create your true African adventure.

Our cameramen are friendly and passionate about outdoor filming. While at the same time, they are discreet and respect your personal space during your safari.

Capture the spirit of your african hunting safari on film

What your Final Video Will Look Like

You will receive your video on the disk of choice: DVD and/or BluRay. A color-printed disk and cover are provided together with a personalized design of your safari.

Your African hunting video will start with a menu to select the entire video or an action-packed highlight clip.

On an average 7 to 10-day safari, video duration will be 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the amount of action and editing requests.

The highlight clip is usually about 3 minutes.

Capture your African hunting adventure on video

We also deliver the highlight clip as ’n separate MP4 for iPhone.

In addition, your video is professionally edited with suitable music and personalized motion graphics designed specifically for your video, including an introduction, maps, name straps, etc.

Videos are color graded, and all sound is professionally checked to ensure a high-quality end product.

Furthermore, your cameramen will also take high-quality still photos for you while filming your African hunting safari.

Video your gemsbok hunt with Nick Bowker Hunting
What will your video look like once completed

A safari in Africa is usually exclusive, far away from over-commercialized tourist destinations and tour groups.

You need a trained camera operator to capture the essence of such a safari.

A cameraman who understands Africa and dangerous game behavior. A cameraman who can accompany you on foot in the wilderness, who has the vision to film what the normal eye doesn’t see.”

Enjoy memories of your safari for ever.

Puren Joubert Igala Productions

Client recommendation

“I also hired a videographer company with Nick’s recommendation. Igala Productions was very cost-effective and assisted in spotting game that I had trouble locating even with binoculars. Igala provided their regular video expert plus a trainee for only $2,600.

That figure was exceptional. I can’t recommend Igala enough if you can request Nadeen to be your videographer, although Steven and Purin were fantastic. Nadeen was an excellent addition to our hunt and has “eagle eyes” to locate animals.”

Film Your African hunting Safari with Puren & Janine Joubert

We established iGala Productions in 2005 due to the high demand of international clients who wanted their safaris in Africa professionally filmed.

Puren is passionate about exploring Africa’s remote wilderness areas. He spends most of his time outdoors turning his passion into the profession through outdoor filmmaking.

Janine’s deep understanding of Africa and passion for conservation brings a unique dimension to iGala Productions. She can bring Africa to life through their videos truly! Her fresh ideas and creative thinking can be seen throughout every aspect of the production process.

Puren & Janine are experienced in the filmmaking world and except for marketing and personal client videos they produced TV Shows for various international channels.