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Table of Contents

  1. What Does Plains Game Mean?
  2. African Plains Trophies
  3. Conservation & Plains Game Hunting
  4. Our Philosophy Towards Trophy Hunting
  5. 10 Best Trophies to Hunt on a Budget

What does Plains Game Hunting Mean?

Plains Game refers to antelope in sub-sarahan Africa. The term has context because of a significant amount of antelope inhabits the plains and savanna areas of Africa. Even though many ‘African plains game animals live in dense brush such as the nyala and bushbuck.

The all-encompassing plains game terminology includes African plains animals with bovine characteristics such as wildebeest. It excludes the ‘Big Five’ animals, includes Cape or African buffalo, lion, leopard, elephant, and rhino.

African Plains Animals

30 different Plains Game Hunting species available in the Bedford region

Our core African plains game animal hunting list includes the following species:

  • Kudu
  • Gemsbok
  • Wildebeest
  • Eland
  • Blesbok
  • Steenbok
  • Mountain Reedbuck
  • Impala
  • Springbok
  • Red Hartebeest
  • Nyala
  • Waterbuck
  • Cape Buffalo
  • Birchell’s Zebra
  • Sable
  • Lechwe
  • Roan
  • Bushbuck
  • Giraffe
  • Duiker
  • Common Reedbuck
Plains game hunting in South Africa
Plains Game Hunting in South Africa with Nick Bowker
Impala Hunt South Africa | Nick Bowker Hunting
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African Plains Game Hunting

By clicking the Read More button, you will find detailed information on each African plains animal and hunting tactics used for plains game hunting.

Cape Buffalo trophy grazing in the African plains. Buffalo are considered dangerous game

Cape Buffalo Plains Game Hunting

Cape Buffalo is one of the most sort after African trophies. A 375-caliber rifle is the minimum legal rifle requirement for hunting a Cape buffalo. African Buffalo kill more hunters than any other species on an hunting safari.

Kudu trophy hunting is challenging. kudu have amazing eyesight.

Kudu Plains Game Hunting

A truly magnificent trophy for any safari. Kudu is always one of the first on any African hunter’s trophy list. They have fantastic eyesight, and the apt nickname “gray ghost” is for a good reason. Kudu can simply vanish into thin air at any time.

Nyala trophy approaching a waterhole.

Nyala Plains Game Hunting

A very sort after and cherished trophy and one of the most beautiful African antelope. A nyala bull stepping out from the thick bush and giving you a shot will not be forgotten. This is a must ‘have’ trophy on any African hunting safari.

African plains animals. Sable Antelope trophy hunting

Sable Trophy Hunting

A large jet black mature sable bull is, without a doubt, the most impressive trophy. Sable is not indigenous to the Eastern Cape but has been introduced. Sable is a must-have trophy for any plains hunter. Prices have reduced.

Gemsbok trophy standing in the arid karoo after recent rains

Gemsbok Plains Game Hunt

Gemsbok males and females make for very impressive trophies. Extremely aggressive and dangerous when threatened, both sexes carry long spear-like horns. Never shoot above the Gemsbok’s horizontal midline.

Black Wildebeest on the open plains in South Africa. African plains animals

Black Wildebeest Plains Game Hunt

These strange-looking animals occur only in South Africa. The black wildebeest was saved from extinction, with only 17 animals remaining. Black Wildebeest are now widespread and is one extremely tough animal.

Waterbuck standing in the savanna

Waterbuck Plains Game Hunt

A waterbuck bull is a must for any aspiring African hunter. Its sheer size, large horns sweeping back and hooking forward make it a very desirable trophy. Hunting a free-range waterbuck is very challenging.

African plains animals. Blesbok on the plains approaching a waterhole.

Blesbok Plains Game Hunt

Seen by many as the perfect trophy for a hunter’s first plains game hunt. Blesbok is a true plains game. Can be difficult to approach. Longer shots may be required for blesbok plains game hunting in South Africa.

Impala ram standing in the grasslands

Impala Plains Game Hunt

Another trophy most hunters want to take on their first African hunting safari. The smooth skin and two-tone color make a striking trophy. Impala is also included in most plains game hunting packages.

Eland bull in the dry season

Eland Plains Game Hunt

The largest of the spiral-horned family in Africa. The larger mature males often weigh up to one ton and can be challenging to bring down. Another inspiring trophy. Eland makes for a fantastic big game hunting.

Warthog trophy boar at a mud hole. Warthog plains game hunting is a must.

Warthog Plains Game Hunt

Warthogs are great trophies for hunting, always with a very exciting stalk. They are now one of the most widely spread game animals across the Eastern Cape. Any plains game safari hunt should include a trophy warthog.

Springbok trophy hunting. Springbok make for the purest form of plains game hunting

Springbok Plains Game Hunt

The name of this antelope comes from the Afrikaans word “spring,” which means to jump. This antelope is a magnificent plains game antelope. Springbok is shot in the open plains, and stalks can be very tricky.

Red Lechwe trophy walking in a swamp area

Red Lechwe Plains Game Hunt

Red Lechwe is a wonderful trophy with sweeping lyre horns and is not abundant in South Africa. The Bedford area is fortunate to have several free-ranging lechwe herds. Horns will tend to wear down with age.

Zebra standing in the open plains of South Africa. Zebra make for a great plains game hunting.

Zebra Plains Game Hunt

Hunting zebra can prove very difficult in certain areas as judging stallions from mares can be very tough. Zebra are very resilient and likely will require a follow-up shot. Zebra trophy makes for beautiful flat skin.

Mountain Reedbuck trophy standing on a mountain side in the Eastern Cape

Reedbuck Plains Game Hunt

Mountain Reedbuck will usually be found lying in the grass or under a tree. The male will likely be lying a little way off from the females. This is a great hunt and a worthwhile adventure for any African plains game hunter.

Blue Wildebeest trophy hunting. Blue Wildebeest standing next to a waterhole.

Blue Wildebeest Trophy Hunting

Blue Wildebeest are also called the poor man’s buffalo. Wildebeest have been known to travel a few hundred yards with a heart shot. Caution when hunting Wildebeest. He can be very aggressive when wounded.

Bushbuck trophy hunting. Bushbuck are grouped with plains game but are not herd animals.

Bushbuck Trophy Hunting

In the Bedford area, bushbuck are hunted in the mountain area or along river beds in thick brush. Bushbuck will live easily in amongst human settlements and will adapt and begin feeding at night time when hunted.

Red Hartebeest trophy standing in the long grass

Red Hartebeest Plains Game Hunt

One of the fastest plains game species in Southern Africa. They have an excellent sense of hearing and smell but poor sight. Always be cautious of the ‘humped withers, ‘ which can result in your shot being a little high.

Giraffe trophy hunting

Giraffe Trophy Hunting

The giraffe is the largest ruminant and the tallest mammal on the planet. The giraffes can reach 18 feet and makes for very interesting big game hunting. Hunting will be done by walk and stalk.

Steenbok trophy hunting

Steenbok Trophy Hunting

These beautiful little antelope occur widely on the open plains in Africa. Only the males carry very horns. A hugely underrated trophy, due to its size or that few people notice them while hunting.

Fallow deer trophy hunting. Fallow deer are shot opportunistically.

Fallow Deer Trophy Hunting

Fallow Deer from were introduced by the British into South Africa in the late 1800s. They are now widespread in the Eastern Cape, particularly in the Bedford region. Fallow deer can jump up to 6 feet.

Copper Springbok trophy hunting

Copper Springbok Trophy Hunting

Copper Springbok is a color phase and not a separate subspecies and form part of the four springbok color variations. Shooting all four springbok color variations is referred to as the “Springbok slam.”

Black Springbok trophy hunting

Black Springbok Trophy Hunting

The Black Springbok is a color phase and not a separate subspecies Forms part of the four springbok color variations. Shooting all four springbok color variations makes for a beautiful wall mount.

African plains animals. White Springbok trophy hunting

White Springbok Trophy Hunting

White Springbok is a color phase and not a separate subspecies. They form part of the four springbok color phases. Consider the springbok slam on a plains game hunt. Springbok prices have reduced.

Black Impala trophy hunting

Black Impala Trophy Hunting

Black Impala is a color variant of the common impala. The black impala is not a sub-species. The color is all black but with the same two-tone color as the southern impala. An impressive trophy addition for the plains game hunter.

White Blesbok trophy hunting

White Blesbok Trophy Hunting

The White Blesbok displays a color mutation of the blesbok and is not a recognized subspecies. Many hunters now opt to shoot both blesboks on a plains game hunt as white blesbok are now common and affordable.

African plains animals. Duiker trophy hunting

Duiker Trophy Hunting

Duikers are shy, elusive creatures with a fondness for dense cover and will dive into thickets for protection. These are solitary animals and often shot opportunistically while glassing for other larger big game African trophies.

Roan Antelope trophy hunting

Roan Antelope Trophy Hunting

After eland and kudu, the roan is Africa’s largest antelope. Roan is a large, tough, and tenacious animal. Roan, as with sable, is not indigenous to the Eastern Cape but has been introduced. Prices for roan have fallen significantly.

Common Reedbuck trophy hunting

Common Reedbuck Trophy Hunting

Common Reedbuck forms part of the reedbuck family and is the largest of the family in Africa. The reedbuck is quick and alert out of hiding. He will, however, tend to stop and look back at his pursuer. Take your shot-his mistake.

African Plains animals. Bushpig trophy hunting

Bushpig Trophy Hunting

Bushpig is nocturnal. Bad-tempered and hostile, the bushpig is mostly hunted after dark when he is most active. Be wary of his razor-sharp tusks. He is sometimes shot in broad daylight. A unique and interesting trophy to hunt.

Conservation & Plains Game Hunting

By the 1950s, very few wild animals were found outside parks, which resulted from overhunting, the introduction of domestic animals, and overgrazing. The domestic animals introduced diseases that devastated local wildlife, and many areas became devoid of meaningful wildlife.

The fall of apartheid and related increase in tourism and private ownership of wild animals resulted in the reintroduction of many animal species and a rapid rise in the safari and game ranching industries.

Game ranching in South Africa is now unique in terms of species diversity. South Africa is one of only a few countries where ownership of wildlife is vested with private landowners.

Over the ensuing years, an industry-unique to South Africa has sprung up, occupying 20m ha (20%) of South Africa’s marginal agricultural land.

Today there is almost 20 million head of game on private ranches; in comparison, there is 14 million head of cattle in South Africa. The State, in the form of National and Provincial parks, conserves only 6 million ha, on which are found only about 5 to 6 million game animals.

The tremendous growth and development of the game ranching industry are visible throughout South Africa. Supporting infrastructure development all over the country. Game numbers are always on the increase. As well as the number of hectares dedicated to game ranching.

Our Philosophy Towards Trophy Hunting

We are conservation-oriented, owning vast numbers of established herds of wild game in their natural habitat on large land areas. This was achieved over many years of reintroducing game and conversation. Our hunts are only large free-range conservancies. We limit the amount of hunting parties to twenty per year to ensure exclusive and high-quality hunting.

Nick Bowker and his family own a significant portion of the land that you will be hunting on. You will have exclusive access to some of the best free-range hunting areas in South Africa, hunting African plains animals in their habitat, superior quality, and authentic experience, ensuring you the best African Safaris.

10 Best Trophies to Hunt on a Budget

What are the 10 best plains game animals to hunt on a budget?
What are the 10 best plains game trophies to hunt on a budget in Africa?

Kudu, Nyala, Waterbuck, Springbok, Blesbok, Impala, Warthog, Gemsbok, Wildebeest, Sable