Authentic Free-Range Hunting.

Hunt Trophies in their Natural Environment.

We Practice Fair Chase Hunting. No Captive Bred or Planted Animals.
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Authentic Free-Range Hunting


Stalk your quarry in the thick bush or open savanna. Feel the adrenaline as you mount your stalk and attempt to outwit your quarry. Nick will get you close.


Hunting from sea level to 2000 meters in one day. Nick has 500 km2 at his disposal. The volume and diversity of animals will astound you.


Test you precision shooting skills at longer ranges on the open plains. A significant portion of the 500 km2 available for hunting is owned by Nick and his family.

These are your hunting grounds

Nick Bowker

Nick has been a professional hunter for more than 20 years and his family have been living in the area for five generations. Nick will conduct the hunting himself and will be with you at all times. To maintain trophy quality and exclusivity the number of hunting parties is limited to eight per year. Nicks brother Rob Bowker is assisting Nick in his hunting business. Rob grew up hunting on the family farms but has been living and working in Europe for the last 20 years. Rob can accompany you from your main point of departure in Europe to the hunting lodge should you so wish as well as meet you in any capital city in Europe to discuss tailoring your hunting safari.

The trophy quality of the animals that roam the Eastern Cape is of the best in Southern Africa. The topography is also unique with deep and wide valleys with thick bush, open plains and grass lands, as well as mountain terrain all with in 30 minutes drive. Trophy hunting is conducted by walk and stalk and ambush tactics. Nothing beats a day in the African bush and doing long stalks and trying to outwit your quarry. Many hours are spent glassing animals before mounting a stalk on a selected quarry so a high quality pair of binoculars is a must. The sheer number of animals will surprise you and give you ample opportunity to take high quality trophies. Nick has the latest 4x4 Hunting vehicles at his disposal, capable of any terrain. Expert trackers who have hunted with Nick his whole life will help guide you.

Long range hunting and driven hunts

We also offer long range hunting for enthusiasts. Bedford provides an ideal terrain for long range hunting with wide valleys and plains. We limit our distances to approximatly 650 meters.

We target Impala, Springbuck, Blesbuck, Mountain reedbuck and Warthog for long range hunting. We have a standard rate of $250 for males and $100 for females for non trophy animals for the aforementioned target list.

Long range hunting provides the chance for hunters to truly test their shooting and hunting skills and the opportunity for making a significant amount of shots during a days hunting. There are few places in the world with similar diversity and volume of wild animals available at these prices.

Nick is also long range hunting enthusiast with significant experience with tactical scopes and hand loading ammunition. We have tactical and digital Swarovski scopes available for use. Use of these scopes is included in the daily rate. We also offer driven hunts for the above mentioned species on the same conditions.