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Safari Dining with Liz Bowker – Culinary Wonders of the Wild

Safari Dining with Liz Bowker

On a safari with Nick Bowker hunting, you can expect a culinary experience highlighting traditional South African cuisine, deeply influenced by Dutch and British settlers who arrived in the 17th and 18th centuries. Given the abundance of wild game, meals often feature braaied (barbecued) dishes and hearty stews.

 Safari Dining with Liz Bowker - Culinary Wonders of the Wild


The day typically begins with a light buffet breakfast, which typically offers yogurt, fresh seasonal fruit, a selection of cereals, toast with various jams, and a sweet treat from the previous evening’s dessert selection to accompany your coffee.


As you head out for the day’s hunting adventure, you’ll be equipped with bottled water and a selection of sodas. Brunch is usually served around 11:30 or 12:00 and includes various options such as a traditional English brunch with eggs, bacon, venison sausage, and pancakes, Kudu burgers, Vetkoek with kudu mince and cheese, and Kudu lasagna with garlic rolls and a fresh garden salad. Coronation chicken with pita bread is also on the brunch menu.


Dinner is a three-course affair. The first course consists of snacks served around the fire in the bar area, featuring venison carpaccio, venison pies, lamb samosas, a selection of cheeses, and biltong.

The main meal is often cooked on the barbecue in the braai area and includes various venison cuts, local lamb, beef, and pork, served with potatoes and either vegetables or fresh salad.

Special dishes like slow-roasted springbuck neck with roast potatoes and vegetables or Mountain reedbuck lasagna with garlic bread and fresh salad may also be on the menu.

Desserts showcase traditional South African treats such as koeksisters (deep-fried doughnuts with syrup) and Malva pudding, a beloved traditional dessert.


If you have any special dietary requirements, the team at Nick Bowker Hunting is ready to accommodate them, ensuring that your safari experience is not only about the hunt but also a culinary journey through South African flavors.