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Mountain Zebra Park Mammal List – 61 Amazing Animals

Mountain Zebra Park Mammal List.

Our 10 Best Sightings in Pictures

Mountain Zebra Park mammal list
Brown Hyena sighting
Brown Hyena
Mountain Zebras
Mountain Zebra
Cheetah sighting in the Mountain Zebra Park
Big five tours - Male lion sighting.
Martial eagle in a tree
Martial Eagle
Mountain Zebra park cheetah sighting.
Secretary bird
Secretary bird
Black Rhinos Big five adventure
Black Rhino
Big five tours - Cape Buffalo
Cape Buffalo

Plains Game

Cape Mountain Zebra
African buffalo
Red hartebeest
Black wildebeest
Common duiker
Mountain reedbuck
Burchells Zebra
Grey Rhebok


Brown Hyena
Black-backed jackal
Bat-eared fox
Cape Fox
Cape clawless otter
Striped polecat (weasel)
Water mongoose
Yellow mongoose
Large grey mongoose
Small-spotted genet
Caracal African wild cat


Cape porcupine
Cape ground squirrel
Pouched mouse
Grey pigmy climbing mouse
Pygmy mouse
Short-tailed gerbil
Hairy footed gerbil
Grants rock mouse
Striped mouse
Namaqua rock mouse
Multimammate mouse
Striped mouse
Bush karoo rat
Saunders Vlei rat
Common molerat
Spectacled dormouse


Vervet Monkey
Chacma baboon
Scrub hare
Smith’s red rock rabbit
Cape Hare
Riverine Rabbit
Round-eared elephant-shrew
Smith’s rock elephant-shrew
Lesser red musk shrew
Forest shrew
Lesser dwarf shrew
Rock dassie (hyrax)
Black Rhino

About Mountain Zebra Park Mammal List

Mountain Zebra National Park is renowned for its breathtaking wildlife. The park is home to diverse animals, but the most iconic is the Cape Mountain zebra. This zebra is considered the park’s flagship species with its striking black-and-white stripes and majestic appearance. Visitors can spot these beautiful creatures grazing in the grasslands, often seen in herds. 

The park boasts many other iconic wildlife species. One of the most fascinating animals to spot is the lion. Watching these majestic predators roam around the park is unforgettable.

Another iconic species of the park is the black wildebeest. These striking animals can be spotted grazing in the grasslands, and their dark coats make them stand out in the park’s landscape. Watching them move in herds is a mesmerizing experience, and visitors often witness their distinctive mating behavior during the breeding season.

The park’s iconic species, including the Cape Mountain zebra, lions, eland, and black wildebeest, make for an unforgettable experience. Visitors are sure to leave the park with a new appreciation for the beauty and diversity of the animal kingdom.

The park was created to protect the endangered Cape Mountain zebra. However, it is not just a sanctuary for that species. It also safeguards the rare and endangered Cape buffalo, cheetah, and the enigmatic aardwolf. These species testify to the park’s commitment to preserving South Africa’s unique biodiversity. 

Mountain Zebra National Park is crucial to South Africa’s conservation efforts. The park is home to many plant and animal species. It plays a vital role in preserving the country’s natural heritage.

The park contributes to conservation primarily through active conservation programs. These programs focus on protecting and preserving the park’s endangered species, including the Cape Mountain zebra, which is endemic to the region.

The park also plays a vital role in educating the public about the importance of conservation. The park offers a range of educational programs for visitors, including guided tours and talks by park rangers. Through these programs, visitors learn about the importance of conservation, the threats facing the park’s endangered species, and the steps being taken to protect them.

Mountain Zebra National Park offers visitors the chance to experience the beautiful landscape and wildlife through several safari options. 

Consider a self-drive safari if you want an exciting and unique way to explore the park. You’ll have the freedom to explore the park at your own pace without relying on anyone else’s schedule. 

The park offers rental vehicles and the option to bring your own. Once you have your car, you can follow the designated routes and discover the park’s diverse wildlife and landscapes. 

The self-drive safari option is perfect for those who want to experience the park’s natural beauty up close. You’ll have the opportunity to see various animals, including zebras and various antelope species. 

Additionally, the park has informative boards along the routes, which provide information on the park’s flora and fauna. So, you can learn more about the park’s unique ecosystem as you drive through it. 

Source South African National Parks Board