African Hunting

My African Hunt


There is a lot of speculation about the firearms one needs for a plains game African hunting safari. Naturally, you can take mine to the bank. First, let’s start with getting them to Africa and back.

Next, we spotted and stalked a beautiful Impala just a couple miles from the farm. Many watchful eyes in his harem still got close enough for a good clean miss on two different stalks! I took the rock wall rest instead of the sticks.

I had shot off the sticks at home but hard to practice on moving game. Complained that the animals should be tied AND hobbled! It did seem to get better after that. The next morning, I stopped at the range and checked the zero on the 280AI…maybe a bit high.


Before I left for Africa, I read a lot about what to expect. Many insisted special “quiet” boots only made in South Africa. After checking price and availability, I opted for a pair of low Clarks, all leather, relaxed, and comfortable.

Good to have an extra pair, so I took a boot I used when shooting down at the Whittington Centre in Raton, NM. Could have gotten by with any non-insulated boots with some ankle protection.

The PH? I found him wearing a low Danner made in the USA! And of course, the trademark gators I could only see at Midway. Perfect for keeping sharp flora out of the footwear.

As for the thorns, burrs, and such, I found the combination of low boot and gators quite comfortable. April being their fall, it made for perfect weather, sunny 72, and 60 at night for a good hike and sound sleep. Hunting in a T-shirt and shorts was an odd experience on my African hunt.

My African Hunt – Nyala Hunt

Next on down the road to stalk the beautiful Nyala. It wasn’t long before our trusty trackers spotted an old bull halfway up a dark hillside. Fortunately, the male is quite distinct from the female, and another 200-yard shot off the sticks.

A solid hit the high center, not taking any chances after the Impala fiasco. A quick follow-up shot offhand (freehand in SA) in the vitals, and all was good. Suitable for the farmer and the hunter to harvest old animals fed for years and saving from the ravages of old age.

Nyala trophy hunted with Nick Bowker Hunting